Kyphoplasty Story

Marian | Kyphoplasty

Marian KyphoplastyI had never heard of Kyphoplasty and was a little afraid of it at first. But when I met the staff at Advanced Therapies at Rochester Radiology, everything was explained to me and I saw the model of the procedure.

The procedure went well, I never really had any pain afterwards. I was able to go home the same day. My overall pain is at least 50-60% better than it was, and even better than that some days.

Before the procedure, I couldn’t sleep in bed and had to sleep in a chair because I couldn’t get in and out of bed on my own. Afterwards, I have been able to sleep in bed and get up independently the majority of the time.

I still have some pain, but take less pain medications, and my quality of life has improved. My friend said I stand taller and don’t walk around like an old woman. I can walk better and farther than I was able to before. I was able to do some of the cooking and preparation with my family for Thanksgiving, which was so nice, and made me happy.

I am able to get out and do things I wasn’t able to do for a long time, like go help sell tickets for a theater group. I am happy I had it done. It has really improved the quality of my life.